Are you ready?

The church was white-washed stone standing on a rocky rise sheltered from the ocean by a belt of palms and Caribbean pines. The doors were open and fans turned overhead and condensation dripped down the windows. There was a missionary priest there that evening. Ed had arrived in the middle of a song, the place was… Continue reading Are you ready?

cheap thrill

I can’t believe what I am seeing. A young man in a wingsuit is flying directly at a pinnacle of rock at 200km/hour. He is aiming at a two-metre wide hole in the pinnacle – attempting to thread the eye of a rock-needle – with his body – flying – at 200km/hour.

father-time, mother-ship

The sun rises slowly, to a bird’s call and the goat’s bell, and the lap-lap-lap of the tide on the pebble beach. There are no roads here, and everybody sets there watch by the morning ferry, which is late again.

phase change

phase change is an excerpt from RUNNING CONTRA DICTION and the flight of a soul athlete –  available on Amazon and all good bookshops One school lesson that made an impact on Ed – probably because he drank so much tea – was about boiling a kettle.  And the transition from water to steam known as “phase change”.… Continue reading phase change

messing with The Truth

Nothing stays the same. Everything is impermanent (or permanently changing).  It’s a natural law. In the fruit bowl, as I write this, the pear is ripening.  So why does change feel so uncomfortable?…

the problem with friends

I want to change.  I’ve never met anyone who didn’t want to change something about themselves.  I’ve met a few who would change everything.  Which brings me to the problem with friends…  


Heavy is the first chapter of Transpose -a self-styled revolution (March 2017) available here. The car lurched forward and stalled on a patch of bare earth under the shade of a tree outside a prefabricated house in the Florida swamplands. The driver’s door opened and a body fell out. Then the passenger’s door opened, a second… Continue reading heavy

summit of achievement

summit of achievement is an excerpt from RUNNING CONTRA DICTION and the flight of a soul athlete –  available on Amazon and all good bookshops Ed shifted in his seat, looked around and found what he was looking for – a distraction. One hundred and fifty pages of it, mostly photographs. On the shelf at his… Continue reading summit of achievement


It was like the night that Nuttah went missing. Nuttah was Deb’s cat. Deb called Ed, she was beside herself with worry, dozens of dark scenarios flooded her mind. So they went out in the rain, calling his name.