Simple breathing & movement exercises
– suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels –
that relieve tension in the body and calm the mind.
For newer people it’s a gateway to meditation,
for others a path to deepen their practice.

Try Kum Nye for yourself with Feel the Difference
> Part 1 < is a 5min. overview
> Part 2 < is a 55min. practice session

a ‘wordcloud’ created by participants of a recent retreat

“During the break, even though my formal practice has slipped – summertime takes on a life of its own! – my awareness of the breath has been a great anchor; the sense of space (and sometimes I think ‘depth’) is life enhancing.”
Louise, August 2023

“ Slow movement, and awareness of breath & body in the moment has been very good for my art practice.
Taking care with the slowed-down pace results in better seeing and mixing of correct tones, better placing of composition, but mostly to be honest better ‘awareness-of’. 
I note my heart my breath, and the beginning-drift into going ahead too fast. I am stopping much more often. Sitting back. Really looking. Then moving, making a move, just one additional detail…

Liz, June 2023

“Kum Nye is a brilliant process to support you come more into the body and release any tensions, so that you can find a deeper sense of peace and is really effective at supporting a deeper meditation practice.  I recently was really suffering tension in my neck and I did a session last week with Matt and his practise was better than any deep body massage.”
Niamh, May 2023

I’ve been going through a busy and transitional time of life lately and desperately needed to find my way back to my body and the present moment. I was shocked by how effective the simple exercises were at doing this. I found it much more powerful than continuous seated meditation and very different to yoga in the benefits it gave.
Emma, May 2022

I have the Kum Nye books, but you bring it alive in an inspiring way – and that is invaluable. I have been meditating more than an hour a day for 20 years and have been looking for this kind of integration of the body with the mind/spirit.
Rick, Feb 2022

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