Simple breathing & movement exercises
suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels
that relieve tension in the body and calm the mind.

For newer people it’s a gateway to meditation,
for others a path to deepen their practice.

Feel the Difference” is a 60minute introduction to Kum Nye

I have the Kum Nye books, but you bring it alive in an inspiring way – and that is invaluable. I have been meditating more than an hour a day for 20 years and have been looking for this kind of integration of the body with the mind/spirit.” Rick, Feb 2022

A very kind, relaxed and humorous Kum Nye teacher. His sessions are extremely well guided – highly recommended, especially if you are new to Kum Nye!
Leon, Sept 2021

Matt Padwick’s gentle and clear guidance through his online sessions introduced me to the wonderful practice of Kum Nye. His classes have been an anchor for me through the uncertainty of the times we live through and a reminder of the importance of staying connected both with sensations in the body, and with a wider community. Thank you Matt and gratitude also, to Tarthang Tulku, for adapting the practices of Kum Nye, Tibetan Yoga to suit the modern way.” Fiona, August 2021

Matt is great at explaining the benefits of Kum Nye and talking you through the postures and alternatives if you cannot reach the full pose at that moment. For a meeting of body, spirit and mind, Kum Nye is an excellent practice. Follow Matt for some extra balance and relaxation in your life!” Jen, August 2021

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