MAY & JUNE 2023
Weekly ‘live’ sessions to refresh and inspire our practice.
In this series we will begin by experiencing how the quality of our movement and our breath inspires a quality of mind; how in the stillness after movement we can sense the spacious sky-like nature of mind – and we’ll see where the journey leads…

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Open to anyone who enjoys Kum Nye:
Saturdays 9.30 – 10.30am [Ireland]
7 sessions starting Saturday 13 May
Easy – follow ‘live’ or via the recording (everyone registered receives a link to each week’s recording, so you can view/re-view in your own time). 
Simple – Register once for any/all of the May/June sessions – there’s no set fee but you are invited to make a donation.
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If you are new to online sessions with Matt you may find the following information helpful;
Set Up Kum Nye is a slow and meditative form of yoga, it is good to wear clothing that allows free movement, minimal jewellery etc. Barefoot is good but warm socks are cosy, yoga mats are not necessary.
If you are new to meditation you may find the following video On Posture [17minutes] helpful. It describes the options for seating, the main points of the posture and some other tips.
Only sit on a cushion/the floor if you are comfortable doing so. Otherwise use a comfortable, firm chair (without arms is best). We sit upright but forward on the chair a little; it’s good if your feet reach the ground – if the chair is too high put cushions or blankets under your feet.
Ideally you will follow the sessions from a quiet space with a good internet connection – and make sure you can see your screen!
Connecting using Zoom The live sessions are streamed using Zoom. By now many of us are familiar with Zoom but if it is your first time you will need to download the Zoom meeting app (it only takes a few minutes but do it days in advance again so there’s no stress). You do not have to have or create a Zoom account to join this streaming.
I look forward to seeing you on-line!

Visit my YouTube channel for an introduction to Kum Nye and numerous other sessions and series.
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