Kum Nye breathing, postures and movement exercises are suitable for people of any age and all fitness levels, and help relieve the deeply-rooted tensions that make us restless and interfere with meditation. 

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“The exercises are so good; calming yet strengthening. They fit in every day in all sorts of ways, both inside and outside.  Thank you for such clear advice and instructions.”
Liz, May 2023

I found the movement deepened my experience. The after-effect while sitting still after the exercises was so powerful. Just being in my own body was such a nourishing, cathartic experience.
Louise, May 2023

The movement sessions really expanded my experience of meditation…Relaxing, joyful, peaceful, mindful. A great way to come into the body and the present moment.”
Noel, April 2023

A great experience overall; I have never felt such stillness in the mind & body.
Jordan, April 2023

Thank you so much for your in-person introduction at Dzogchen Beara! And it‘s such a gift to be able to continue now online! I deeply resonate with Kum Nye and find it so helpful for the evolution of my sitting practice.
Dorothea, April 2023

“I’ve been going through a busy and transitional time of life lately and desperately needed find my way back to my body and the present moment. I was shocked by how effective the simple exercises were at doing this. I found it much more powerful than continuous seated meditation and very different to yoga in the benefits it gave.”
Emma, May 2022

“I have the Kum Nye books, but you bring it alive in an inspiring way – and that is invaluable. I have been meditating more than an hour a day for 20 years and have been looking for this kind of integration of the body with the mind/spirit.” Rick, Feb 2022

Matt is probably one of the best teachers I have had in my life. I find his way a true expression of the wisdom he teaches as Kum Nye. This practice is accessible for everyone at their own level. All I had to do was follow his instruction and relax and breathe. You must give this a go.” Maria, Ireland, Oct 2021

A very kind, relaxed and humorous Kum Nye teacher. His sessions are extremely well guided – highly recommended, especially if you are new to Kum Nye!
Leon, Sept 2021

Matt Padwick’s gentle and clear guidance through his online sessions introduced me to the wonderful practice of Kum Nye. His classes have been an anchor for me through the uncertainty of the times we live through and a reminder of the importance of staying connected both with sensations in the body, and with a wider community. Thank you Matt and gratitude also, to Tarthang Tulku, for adapting the practices of Kum Nye, Tibetan Yoga to suit the modern way.” Fiona, August 2021

Matt is great at explaining the benefits of Kum Nye and talking you through the postures and alternatives if you cannot reach the full pose at that moment. For a meeting of body, spirit and mind, Kum Nye is an excellent practice. Follow Matt for some extra balance and relaxation in your life!” Jen, August 2021

Just a brief note to say a big Thank You for making your kum nye sessions available online. You are such a natural teacher in front of camera; you make it all sound and look so easy…with humour and connection.” Bernie, August 2021

I am really finding a strong connection with Kum Nye and find my days very positively different when I have done an hours practice vs when I have not.  Thank you for your very professional and thorough efforts to bring it to a wider audience.” Daniel, July 2021

I cannot thank you enough for the encouraging, insightful, generous and really engaging way you teach Kum Nye. My head ( and body,) feels ‘straighter’ & much more comfortable to be in, after your session and you make me smile & laugh – a lot. I value this at the top of my long list of positives. I cannot imagine how I would have been through the last 18 months without the anchor of the class itself & your enabling & encouraging Kum Nye practise throughout the week. I’m glad these aren’t classes just aimed at seniors. My own feeling is that people are able or less able regardless of age. You always stress doing the exercise in modified ways throughout if anyone finds it too challenging or needs to adapt, plus tuning in to ones own body, – that feels really inclusive. All good wishes & gratitude.” Fran, June 2021

I’m really enjoying your Kum Nye sessions and find that they fill a gap that I have between my meditation and real life. I think you have a special talent for breaking it down and teaching it in an authentic way.” Daniel, June 2021

 “It really is great to link in with the spirit of Kum Nye through your classes and attending a live session gives a more alive feel.”  
Patrick, May 2021

Thank you so much for being you and leading Kum nye sessions online. I joined one of your online sessions last summer (I think it was) and I had somehow forgotten how marvellous Kum nye is. Today was absolutely wonderful and frankly I had the clearest head that I’ve had in a long time and it made for a really good day. Thank you.” Mel, April 2021

“[Kum Nye] definitely benefits me more than I realise. The charming thing about the practice is it’s subtlety and it continues to work after you finish. It’s great that you keep it interesting… and continue to put on sessions every week. That really helps me to keep up my practice.  So a big Thank you.” Mary C, April 2021

“I feel I have found my path in Kum Nye, and each session reinforced that feeling…(it was) a revelation of how blind to the messages from my body I have become…(and to know) there is a way to achieve meditation through the body rather than from sitting and looking at the mind. I thought the environment Matt had created for his sessions was brilliant.  An inspiration to declutter my home!” Mary ( UK), Feb 2021

“Kum Nye sessions can help combat feelings of anxiety and isolation. It was all just right and appropriate for being delivered during our 3rd National lockdown. I thought it was excellent and Matt is a wonderful, inspiring teacher who creates an atmosphere in his sessions of belonging, grounded-ness and connection.” Tess (Ireland), Feb 2021

“…a seamless way to blend/integrate mind relaxation and body work….how it all connects…Matt has lovely presence and pace onscreen, which helps one forget it’s virtual. I almost felt I was there!” Mary (Ireland), Feb 2021

“Each session had such a gentle, easily understood & relevant introduction that flowed into the exercises and meditation…[I had a] resistance in my head to standing exercises, prior to doing them. Partly due to low energy levels/ physical infirmity. Matt always encourages to do the exercise seated if any problem, but I preferred to stand & participate and let my brain catch up!… Kum Nye is a strategy for living better & meditating that can be interweaved  at any time into daily life.  It has been excellent. Also the follow up emails with a video copy of that day’s session and relevant information are outstanding.” Fran (Ireland), Feb 2021

I’m sending this email to thank you for the life changing programs you have put together over the last few months.
I started Kum Nye yoga with you in September last year and I have followed all of your various programs since. I am astonished and delighted by the profound effect this practise has had on my life. It has helped me both physically and mentally in ways that I couldn’t have predicted when I first started, and I wanted to let you know the type of positive and powerful impact you sharing this has. I’m all signed up for the March retreat and I’m looking forward to it immensely.
” Claire, Feb 2021

“My (re)discovery of Kum Nye  – thanks to you! – is one of the unexpected wonderful gifts of the pandemic. I heard about Kum Nye a few years ago but – as you say – fell into the pitfall of quickly dismissing it as too easy/simple. This time round (in the autumn of last year) I searched YouTube to give it another try, found your videos and it was an instant hit. I like everything about it now! Also, much appreciated that you put so much heart into providing the material, tips, images etc. in your emails. Very helpful!” Monika, Feb 2021

I really enjoy the sessions, and although I have only been practising it a week, notice a difference in my walking: I’m more measured in my pace, and generally more body-aware. Thank you so much.” Mary, Feb 2021 

The Kum Nye yoga is so good. I’ve been following Matt since September and it has profoundly changed my life. Thanks for your help.” Claire, Jan 2021

A quick word of thanks for all your wonderful, uplifting, expanding, enriching, deepening, warm teaching that you have given me and so many others throughout this year. I’ve been participating since March and it has been such a stable and special event during this frightening, unpredictable year.” Sal, Dec 2020

“Thank you so much for all the benefit & good your Kum Nye teaching is creating and enabling. I value participating in these sessions so much, for me it’s the humour & insight, the connectedness of being part of the wider group (& thereby the world,) plus the always surprising feeling of how physically & mentally energised I feel afterwards.” Fran, Nov 2020

Thank you for all these wonderful sessions. It means very much to me to have discovered Kum Nye. After over 50 years of living in my head, I have been doing breathing work with a therapist which has truly been life changing, and I recently started doing my own little simple movements with the breath and then along came your first video which seemed to deepen what was already there… I love your calm, down to earth approach and so many of the things you say stay with me, even during the day. My body was always tense (so I discover now. . I thought it was normal before) and I had a nervous energy which seemed to keep my mind rotating around anything obsessively, which of course kept the heart energy wired. What I LOVE is the sense of the body and the energy, however it is and that allowing the mind to rest. Also the idea that one can find a deepening relaxation in poses which would previously have meant ‘work hard, tense up’ …and the joy of feeling a shoulder ‘let go’, for example….All the very best to you and thanks again!” Rebecca, October 2020

Just a quick note to tell you how much I have enjoyed your movement4meditation course…and I look forward to meditation4life…I think everyone is slightly apprehensive – to say the least – of the Winter we face this year; personally (as a keen beginner) I am very happy to have Kum Nye  in my back pocket!” Bernie, October 2020

“The sessions are great Matt and I’m benefiting from them in every way …Kum Nye makes meditation entirely new.  I notice when I sit quietly now it’s as though my mind wants to settle – not that it always stays there!”  Paddy, October 2020

“I am really enjoying Kum Nye and your guided instruction.  It is completely new to me…  I have a sense of completeness as opposed to lots of different parts which are kind-of-connected.” Anne, October 2020

“So much inspiration!…  your practices are embedded in the entire theory and practice of mindfulness and meditation…Not simply moving to stretch on a physical level but exploring, feeling, sensing the integration of mind, breath and body.” Riana, September 2020

Thank you for your kind , intelligent and inspiring Kum Nye sessions … I can honestly say it has given me great hope. It has been difficult working in the Covid world for the last six months but even if I am not smiling at the start of a session I always am by the end.”  Gobnait, September 2020

“Loved it!….Honestly, I feel like this is some piece of the puzzle that’s been missing for some time. Meditation has been somewhat dry, and just this one hour opened things up. Thank you!” Linda, September 2020

“I have been enjoying the Kum Nye and find on the days I do it I am more grounded and feel more connected.  Tasks seem easier to complete and nothing feels over whelming. I still find it a little mysterious that exercises that seem quite simple in themselves can have such a calming effect. I have tried meditation in the past but decided it really did not suit me. I like the focus on sensations and feelings in the body that Kum Nye offers and the kind attention and curiosity that you encourage.”  Fiona, September 2020

When my daughter asked me recently if I was feeling benefits from practising Kum Nye,  it was my husband who said “Yes!” straight away.” Anne G,Wales, July 2020

“I am still enjoying practising Kum Nye, however due to work stresses etc., I actually found myself almost forgetting to use what I had learned, returning to the ‘old ways’… when I do remember, when I think of Kum Nye, it is as though a sense of peace and relaxation comes over me… even when driving (or) I find myself in a stressful situation and I remember to breathe as in the Kum Nye way,  I immediately feel more relaxed in myself, completely at peace and not stressed at all!  
I love being out and about in nature, and on my walks especially since I started  Kum Nye I am seeing everything around and about me as being incredibly vibrant and breathtaking. Learning about and practising Kum Nye has seen me through the whole experience of Covid and ‘lockdown’ and I am very grateful! ” Ann, July 2020

As each week goes by I realise how wonderful and beneficial Kum Nye is for me and within my life.  My mind is calm and peaceful. I feel very content.  Socially, my interactions are calmer and watching the drama!  The biggest thing I’ve noticed is ………… my golf has improved dramatically!!”  Frances, June 2020

I just want to let you know I find Kum Nye powerful.  Its the only word I can use for it.  I am finding myself much more connected and aware of everyday situations… feeling a really wonderful inner peace. I suffer a lot from anxiety which begins in the pit of my stomach and usually turns in to a solid ball of cement, preventing me from even breathing or sleeping properly. Through mediation and practicing Kum Nye… I am becoming instantly aware when anxiety is beginning to build and I am turning my attention to it (not suppressing it which is what i did for years).   I cannot describe to you the difference it has made to me.  To be able to sleep and wake up rested has had an enormously positive impact on me. ” Regina, May 2020

Thank you Matt – as Kum Nye has given me a new insight into self care & self awareness.” Angela, April 2020

Sending lots and lots of gratitude. I am enjoying the sense of community as we all connect in our own space at home.  I know your classes are helping my mind, body, and soul.  Simplicity in action in a very real way.  Thank you for introducing me to Kum Nye, for opening a new door.” Siobhan, April 2020

Just to say ‘thank you’, for putting the Kum Nye classes on line!  I have been joining  the classes since they started and have really felt the benefit of doing so.  I feel more relaxed in myself, freer and more peaceful inside, more grounded!….your classes have enriched my life.” Ann, April 2020

I literally ‘ stepped back into my body today’!. Truly wonderful!” AC. March, 2020

I felt I had come through a very satisfying workout without the pervasive intense physical efforting. And the bonus of landing with expanded awareness in my  body and breath. I hope to maintain the practice!” Teresa, March 2020

[Kum Nye] really is a loving kindness practice in self care, coming to know the body through feeling…giving ourselves time out to check in with the body and rest…how crazy it is that rest doesn’t come naturally!   It is as though this is the first time I’ve been given permission to rest…The meditations in between are invaluable – helping me to break old patterns and enabling new positive ones to form…this practice is very powerful, a lot of things are coming to light.” Rosemarie, March 2020

I looked forward immensely to starting the day with your class, thanks so much. And for your humour. I forget sometimes that we can smile & exercise at the same time!😊 ” Catherine, Feb 2020

“Many thanks Matt. Your class is very well paced and you are a good, humorous and relaxed presenter.” Collette, Feb 2020

“A very grateful thank you for the retreat, its effect has been powerful and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. For me, the way you guided us from one part of the work to the next, the careful, subtle interweaving of elements and wise words was inspiring. I invited a friend and she brought her two daughters who loved it too. Thanks also for the follow up material, a great support which we plan to use together. Best Wishes, Mary.” Feb 2020

“Thank you so much for a brilliant & subtle day. “  Deborah, Feb 2020

“Thanks for the lovely Kum Nye sessions…I found it to be the first form of yoga I could enjoy without feeling overstretched. I hope to continue and practice.”  Cait, Jan 2020

“Observing Matt’s deportment, voice and posture, and careful exposition of material was extremely helpful.  Clearly a lot of care, consideration and work has gone into this weekend’s retreat.” Gobnait, Jan 2020

“The first exercise – opening the throat centre – had particular resonance for me, as well as the last exercise on transforming negativity, and everything inbetween!”  Martina, Jan 2020

“The breathing brings energy to both the mind and the heart, and balances the two; calming and balancing.  The exercise brought me out of my monkey mind and into my body, helping my meditation. And the guidance for walking meditation made it easily transferable to everyday living.” Mary, Jan 2020

“Just to say again how much I enjoyed the Kum Nye retreat.  I did an hour of practice this morning, even though I had loads of work to catch up on, I found I got through the work load with ease!  I also did my weekly Park run this morn keeping Kum Nye principles in mind. I plan, and look forward to keeping up a daily practice.” Liz, Nov 2019

“Even though I practice yoga and have been practicing meditation for several years….Kum Nye has now given me a wonderful way to combine body and mind in an authentic practice. You are a wonderful instructor and you transmitted your own appreciation and knowledge of Kum Nye in a very inspiring and empathetic manner. I actually do not have the words to describe my retreat experience; joyous, rejuvenating might be a start. I felt I had come home!” Mary, Nov 2019  

“Thank you. Your presence and teachings are truly inspirational. I just loved the way that you brought your natural humour and humility and ‘humaneness’ into the few days that we as a group shared together and the way that you held the group was wonderful. I will continue to practice Kum Nye, as part of my practice and life,  with renewed enthusiasm thanks to your teaching and hope to be part of more sharings and teachings in the future. Namasté,” Gill, Nov 2019

“This is the first time I feel I have been able to meditate – and I can enjoy it!”   Lisa, Nov 2019

“I found the slow movement of Kum Nye very powerful, and much easier to meditate after the exercises. I’m hooked.” Mary, Nov 2019

“Thank you Matt for such an enriching morning. Your presence and delivery are always so inspiring. I look forward to putting what you have shared into practice!” Riona, Nov 2019

Thanks Matt, I really got a lot from this morning,  including the strong intention to practice, one day at a time, so thanks again and hopefully I’ll meet you again at one of the retreats. Denis , Nov 2019

“I cannot thank you enough for the retreat…. I had felt out of my depth and disconnected recently – and as I’ve returned home I feel something has shifted – the Kum Nye has have helped ground and connect me back again.”  Amy, November 2019

“Thanks so much for the Kum Nye sessions this weekend.  Everything for me this weekend was new – I’d never meditated before, nor ever practiced yoga. I found the Kum Nye fascinating.  I’m reasonably fit and active already, so I was surprised by how such gentle movements were so challenging!  It was certainly invigorating, and something I expect I will draw on in the future.  I’m looking forward to putting all that I’ve learned this weekend to regular use.” Mick, September 2019

“A heart-felt thank you for the Kum Nye sessions, which I found were hugely beneficial for me both physically and emotionally, and were also very enjoyable.’  Ann C. July 2019

‘This effected me more than any other workshop I have done. I have never felt so in touch with myself.’  Alice, April 2019

‘I loved learning something new – a skill I can bring in to my day-to-life.’ Corina, April 2019

‘Thank you for the most magical and inspiring weekend. I learned so much and feel so grateful for my time with you and the other beautiful people I met. I am really looking forward to practicing with you again, wherever that might be.’ Aine M, April 2019

‘I loved the feeling at the end of the Kum Nye exercises…the spaciousness they created.” Aine D, April 2019

“It really was an amazing weekend for me and I’m finding when I stop for a moment and remain still, I have that sense of peace. I wanted to thank you for the time and care that you took with all of us as you guided us through those powerful moves.” Hillary, April 2019

“I’ve really taken to the Kum Nye and grateful to have been introduced to its gentle and powerful ways” Gabriella, Jan 2019 

“Thanks for the great Kum Nye exercises… I was very taken by their simplicity and effectiveness.” Maria, Jan 2019 

“Kum Nye is new to mean I am enthralled at its application and benefits. To intersperse the sitting meditation and Kum Nye exercises is a real plus plus!” Marie, Dec 2018

For opportunities to practice Kum Nye click here 

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