It was like the night that Nuttah went missing. Nuttah was Deb’s cat. Deb called Ed, she was beside herself with worry, dozens of dark scenarios flooded her mind. So they went out in the rain, calling his name.

And knocking on doors, shining torches into all the places he could be, travelling in ever wider circles. Then starting again at the beginning. 
Deb spent the night writing out notes and posters and at first light posted them around town, before finally, exhausted, going home. Nuttah was curled up by the fire! She could tell he’d been there a long time, all along. She never thought to look there. It was too close, too obvious, too simple…

Ed had cursed Deb. Then laughed at her. I mean, c’mon…

But now, years later, his view had changed. One night Deb had made a foolish error. But Edf had turned it into a lifestyle… he was always looking outside.  The last place he ever looked for a solution was right here, right now.

There is only one cat and it’s by the fire.

I am restless looking for rest.  I will only find rest by resting.

Nuttah is an excerpt from RUNNING CONTRA DICTION and the flight of a soul athlete –   available on Amazon and all good bookshops

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Kum Nye (Tibetan Yoga teacher),author

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