the talking tree

Ed was reading a book in a dentist’s waiting room. “The flower grows without mistakes. A man must grow himself until he understands the intelligence of a flower.  He looked up from the book. There were no flowers, just a tank of goldfish swimming in circles.

He went for a walk. Found himself staring at trees, looking for help. Mmmmm.

The leaves came in spring when the wind and rain eased, and the sun shone, and nutrients in the soil awoke and were drawn up through the roots, into the trunk and along the branches. In fact, the tree received so much help in being a tree it hardly seemed fair to separate it from the rest of the natural world. There was a oneness there. The oneness did not detract from the tree, it added wonder and specialness.

There is an intelligence to standing your ground and receiving what you are given and giving what you can. With grace and beauty.

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Kum Nye (Tibetan Yoga teacher),author

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