Living Life in the Breath


It takes 28 days to change our neural pathways and create a new you – let’s test this popular pseudo-myth by completing a month-long Kum Nye mindful-movement and meditation retreat – at home, in the midst of everyday life!

9 ‘live’ sixty-minute sessions
10am-11am Wednesdays and Saturdays.
Weds 3rd to Weds 31st March
Attend ‘live’ and/or receive a link to the recordings

Suitable for all ages and fitness levels, Kum Nye’s movement and breathing exercises restore the body’s natural rhythms and calm the mind – making it a very effective gateway to meditation practice, and support as we integrate meditation in our daily lives.

  • No prior experience of yoga or meditation is needed.
  • Engage at your own level from your own home. Participants are encouraged to practice one hour/day (or more) but the minimum commitment is following the guided sessions [‘live’ or via the recording].
  • 9 sixty-minute sessions guided by Matt
  • Practice advice for the days between sessions.
  • Guidance with making a schedule and structuring a practice session.
  • Tips on how to integrate our practice in everyday life.

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Feedback from the One Month Kum Nye Retreat in 2020

“A big thank you for this retreat, a great support during the recent period, helping me recognise quickly when I was stuck in fearfulness etc and move quickly beyond it. Most profound for me was discovering how quickly thoughts and emotions can dissolve through feeling and the freeing of ‘the bottle neck’ as I sang in public for the first time (in grounds of a nursing home)…It was the power of the retreat to bring these skills into immediate use….Thank you sincerely for your teaching and generosity.” Mary, June 2020  

“I am happy that I joined this month of May Kum Nye retreat. When I woke up this morning I felt so different. So full of vitality and so vibrant. It was a little scary. And that after only the first day. Before I went to bed yesterday I made an 1.5 hr walk using my full attention to the breath and the body. This was a great experience. Feeling each step the contact with the earth. No thoughts just body and breath. Thank you so much.” Pedro, May 2020  

“Thank you Matt – as Kum Nye has given me a new insight into self care & self awareness.”  Angela, April 2020  

I wish to tell you how wonderful the sessions have been, l feel a deep sense of peace and gratitude especially after the session. An awareness of how those ‘aches and pains ‘ are held tension and that the slow rhythm of the exercises help me to feel how the breath and movement melts them away.  My hope is to bring that awareness into  day to day life.  I am really happy to see that you are offering the retreat, for me I think it will really help to ground all in Kum Nye. Much thanks.”  Dorothy

Register here There is no fee but you can make a contribution here

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