Movement-Meditation-Circle 2021

September thro November our sessions will be on Wednesdays 10 – 11am [Ireland]
starting Wednesday 8th September
Drop-In sessions open to anyone who enjoys Kum Nye – to refresh and inspire our practice. Attend ‘live’ or receive a link to the recording and practice in your own time.
Easy – There’s no fee. Attend once or as often as you like. Simple – one registration for any/all sessions in the Autumn series.

I’m really enjoying your Kum Nye sessions and find that they fill a gap that I have between my meditation and real life. I think you have a special talent for breaking it down and teaching it in an authentic way.” Daniel, June 2021

Register here    

You can make a contribution to Matt’s sessions here

[ The days/times change every few months so
if you really want to attend ‘live’ and Wednesdays in Sept/Oct/Nov are not good for you don’t despair!…
write to and ask me to let you know when the sessions continue in December and 2022 ]

Thank You

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